How it was implemented.

Here is a timeline of how we started and where we are going further

  • Jan2018

    Sri Lankan team Set-Up

  • Mar2018

    Whitepaper Launched

  • Jun2018

    ICO Pre-ICO Launched

    Start MVP Work at IBM Cloud Garage

    Join Hyperledger and Linux Consortiums

  • Jul2018

    Join IBM Startups Program

    Launching of one of the world’s first blockchain-powered Electronic Medical Record Application

  • Aug2018

    AMBER Lab Contract Signing

    Blockchain EMR App MVP Released

  • Sep2018

    Start of ICO Private Sale

  • Oct2018

    India and Indonesia Teams Set-Up

    Opening of AMBERLab

  • Nov2018

    Introduction of World’s First Electronic Medical Record Portable Device

  • Dec2018

    MDX Listing in a Token Exchange

    Registration of mediXserve Eqypt

  • Jan2019

    Start of ICO Sale

    Release of MDX Big Data Platform

    Release of Complete Consumer App

What we already achieved

Here are the milestones that we have already achieved


Finalist, Philippines Startup Challenge, 2017